SWELL activity analysis

Explanation of the tools used

The Swell toolset consists of a number of different apps and sensors.


Examples of sensors are:

  • a key and mouse logger that captures your computer interactions


Examples of apps are:

  • a battery app that asks for your mental energy level on a regular basis (see picture to the right)
  • a goals app that keeps track of the self-management goals you set


Results of energy app

You can view the collected data in a graph as shown below

Monitoring computer activity

A tool installed on the user's computer keeps track of the amount of keystrokes, mouse movements and application changes.

Monitoring the applications used

The same tool keeps track of what applications the user uses during the day.


You can keep track of your achievements during the week.

User concerns

The following paragraphs contain some user remarks on the tools with some clarification.

What about my privacy?

I have nothing to hide, of course but I do not want that everybody can see everything about my working behavior.
Is this just nothing more than a clever way for my boss to keep track of me?
What happens with my data? How do you make sure that I have control over that?
The collected data is only used for the apps goal, i.e. giving yourself insights for self-management. You can enable or disable sensors as you wish. You have full control over your data, can view or delete it. And you can decide if you want to share (parts of) information with others or not.
The SWELL tools only processes those sensor features that are necessary to do provide the functionality that you desire. Processing is done as locally as possible (aggregating & reasoning on your own device). Data is stored in the least possible detail (only aggregated data, no raw sensor data) and hidden from unauthorized access.

Do the SWELL tools cost me a lot of time?

I am afraid that the SWELL tools will cost me more time than it get from it.
How many plugins do I have to install? Does my computer not become very slow?
Do I have to provide a lot of information about myself?
Can you make sure that I can check and adjust the frequency the SWELL tools will ask me for input?
We develop a lightweight system that runs in the background. You use SWELL to reach your personal goals. You can enable or disable functionalities as you wish, such that the SWELL tool optimally supports you with functionality that you desire. When you give the system feedback it will learn and adapt to you.

It does not solve my problem…

I only get more stressed when my computer logs my activities and when I see that I am less productive than my colleagues.
While working I do not want to disturbed with pop-ups that block my e-mails. I am not behind my computer all day.
Are you looking at my meeting customer visits and telephone calls as well?
We provide a broad approach to well-being, for both well-being at work and at home, addressing e.g. working patterns, physical fitness or healthy sleep. SWELL is no performance measurement system. SWELL is about heightening awareness and providing support for the goals that you wish to reach. SWELL can also take into account activities that are not performed behind a computer. You can for example enable SWELL to use information from your calendar or information from sensors on your mobile phone.


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