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The SWELL lifelog dashboard shows the power of combining heterogeneous sensor data into a work- and lifelog, providing users longitudinal insights into various physical, mental, and context (task, location, project) variables. For this, real-time self-learning algorithms combine data from various unobtrusive sensors, including workplace, smartphone and body worn sensors to infer user-centric personal state information like sleep, activity, valence, stress, and work task. All data is stored in a personal cloud store and can be downloaded or shared with others. The dashboard helps to reveal harmful or helpful patterns for well-being over time.

ICT science question

The SWELL lifelog dashboard demonstrates an important step in holistic unobtrusive tracking of physical and mental well-being, and work context, without the need for proprietary hardware. The tracking makes use of a modular sensor data interpretation architecture for user-centric instead of device-centric reasoning. Moreover, several novel algorithms have been developed for unobtrusive sleep and context recognition. The dashboard and cloud platform also offer a great starting point to learn longitudinal patterns of well-being root causes. Differentiating elements are the user-centric approach, the flexible set of different sensors, novel algorithms, and the holistic combination of mental and physical states.


Recent research (TNO, 2013) indicates that 14% of the entire Dutch workforce

have burn-out complaints, and stress related sick leaves account for an estimated cost of roughly 900 million euro per year. No solution combining unobtrusive physical and mental well-being measurements for reducing stress and improving vitality is currently available. The technology partner, Sense OS, is currently commercializing different parts of the technology for several launching customers within her Sense Health daughter company.

Alternative Application

Sensor based reasoning and decision making is a paradigm that can also be deployed in smart cities or smart ‘X’ contexts. However, the SWELL platform has the largest potential in other person related monitoring & coaching situations, such as self management of chronic diseases, e-learning systems, serious games, mental healthcare, or personal security. Because of the modular architecture of the technology, integration efforts will be relatively small.

Ethical remarks

The SWELL lifelog dashboard has been designed as a lifestyle tool for personal well-being management and privacy is an important cornerstone of the solution. As such, all data is owned and under full control of the user. Data is stored securely on Dutch medical-grade server parks. Running monitoring apps on company devices such as laptops and smartphones might be subject to company rules.


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