Here, the deliverables of the SWELL project that are currently available are presented. These are reports, software and more that can be downloaded from this page and the list below.  

Download overview

D1.1a Initial user and domain requirements
340.6 KB
D1.2a Initial overall architecture
1.2 MB
D1.2b Overall architecture
1.6 MB
D1.3a User needs study for person-centric well-being: Towards a balanced and active lifestyle
733.3 KB
D1.3b User needs study on person-centric well-being
1.0 MB
D1.3b Towards a balanced and active lifestyle - Update of specifications for person-centric well-being
1.0 MB
D1.4a User needs study for person-centric well-working
694.0 KB
D1.4b User needs study for person-centric well-working
1.6 MB
D1.5a Theoretical framework for behavioral change - initial
947.9 KB
D1.5 Theoretical framework for behavioral change
1.0 MB
D1.6a Societal Impact Framework
3.9 MB
D1.6b Golden Demo Assessment
1.8 MB
D2.1 Strategies for activity monitoring and reasoning
275.3 KB
D2.7: Data set for physical activity recognition using smartphone sensors
217.4 KB
D2.11 - Dataset for composite human activities using a smartphone and a wrist-worn device
371.9 KB
D3.1b Functional design
1.3 MB
D3.2 Activity classification
670.9 KB
D3.3 Real-time Activity Classification with user feedback
549.5 KB
D3.6 Terminology extraction for user modelling
602.9 KB
D3.7 Context and Task sensitive information filtering and sharing agent
506.9 KB
D3.8 uLog - Task level analysis of computer interaction data
731.9 KB
D3.9 Mental effort assessment tool
779.0 KB
D3.10 SWELL@work applications
1.1 MB
D3.11 E-mail Reply Prediction Tool
554.0 KB
D3V1.1 Fishualization release and documents
1.7 MB
D3VAI Visual Analytics Internship - Business Model Canvas
1.0 MB
D4.1 Context Aware Adaptive Privacy Requirements
1022.3 KB
D4.2 Approaches for context aware privacy control
1.4 MB
D4.3 Context Aware Privacy Policies
941.2 KB
D4.4 Context-based informed consent guidelines
1.2 MB
D4.6 & D4.8 Design and evaluation of context privacy controls
957.7 KB
D4.9 Privacy Transparency
951.9 KB
D4.16 Personal Data Stores for Sensor Data
868.3 KB
D5.1b Pilot specification
791.6 KB
D5.2a Design of smart well-being components - initial
548.0 KB
D5.2b Design of smart well-being components - extended
1.6 MB
D5.2c Interactions between physical activity, stress, sleep and nutrition
522.7 KB
D5.3a Models for effective feedback strategies
658.1 KB
D5.4a Evaluation of pilot study
1.4 MB
D6.3a CommonSense Dashboard
690.5 KB
D6.4 CommonSense data integration
149.2 KB
D6V1.1 Proof-of-concept specification
613.3 KB
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In the SWELL project we aim to develop tools that can assist knowledge workers in managing their information flow. When information flow is not properly managed, this can result in feeling or being unproductive or inefficient. In order to help the user selecting relevant and important information in the large body of incoming e-mails and online search results, we need to create a model of the user. Our first tool, the SWELL Tag Cloud Generator, focuses on this first step: it creates a model of the user using his/her personal document collection, which can be uploaded using the tool. The resulting model is visualized in the form of a tag cloud which contains the main descriptive terms from the uploaded documents. We want to give the user insight into his/her profile: which terminology characterizes you, and which terminology is shared with co-workers for example?

Try the Tag Cloud Generator out yourself


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