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In my project for SWELL I am working on technology to understand what the knowledge worker is doing when he is working at his computer. This information can be used to make supporting technology more intelligent. I focus on four ways to do this:

  1. I use this information to automatically retrieve documents that may help the user in executing his current tasks.
  2. I use this information to prevent notifications of e-mail messages that may distract the user from his tasks, while highlighting notifications that are too important to ignore, or that might be helpful for the user's tasks.
  3. I use this information to determine a good time to give the user feedback on his well-being and tips to improve it. A good time for feedback is a time that does not disturb the user, and a time at which the user is likely to do the tip
  4. I use this information to give the user insight in how he spends his time.
  5. I use this information to categorize e-mails and documents in a meaningful way such that the user can easily find them

The overall goal is to make the knowledge worker more happy, by making his work a little bit easier.

Research topics

  • Information recommendation
    (suggestion of information that can be useful for your current task)
  • Intelligent notification filtering
    (show only the relevant or very urgent notifications)
  • Context switch detection
    (when are you starting something new?)
  • Context identification
    (what are you working on?)
  • Personal information management
    (categorization of emails and documents)

About Maya Sappelli

Maya has a masters in Artificial Intelligence, and a bachelor degree in Linguistics from the university of Nijmegen. In my master I've focused on human-computer interaction and language & speech technology. I enjoy working on intelligent programs that can assist people in their daily life. I have worked on several recommendation systems, including food recommendation and touristic activity recommendation. My phd work is focused on context-aware information recommendation.

More information

Please visit Maya's personal website here


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