Human activity recognition using smartphone/watch

In SWELL project, I am working on the physical activity recognition for well-being applications.  Smartphones are being used by almost everyone these days and are equipped with many on-board sensors, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS. This makes these devices suitable for well-being application because their sensors can be exploited for activity recognition and its pervasive presence helps in adapting such technology among the users.   In my work, I am exploring the role of these smartphones’ sensors for better activity recognition. I am looking at how to combine such sensors in an effective way which can lead to energy-efficiency and reasonable recognition performance. Moreover, I am working on how to combine smartphone sensors with smart-watch sensors for the recognition of more complex activities. In future, I am planning to combine these smartphone sensors with ambient sensors in a home environment.

Research topics

  • Physical activity recognition using various smartphone/smart-watch sensors (exploring the role of various smartphone sensors in the activity recognition process)
  • Fusion of smartphone/watch sensors with ambient or environment sensors for user-friendliness

About Muhammad Shoaib

M. Shoaib did his masters in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems with cum laude in 2012 from Vrije University Amsterdam, The Netherlands. For his master thesis, he worked on future smart and adaptive outdoor lighting networks at Philips Research, Eindhoven. He proposed solutions for providing outdoor light-on-demand using cheap and unreliable passive infrared sensors. Before his masters, he worked at Motorola for two years as a network operations engineer to provide nation-wide technical support for WiMAX networks in Pakistan. He is currently working as a PhD researcher at University of Twente.

More information

Please visit Shoaib's personal website here. The datasets he collected for his research can be found here


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