Combining behavioral change theories with telemedicine

Many technology supported interventions that aim to improve level of physical activity have already been developed. Most of these seem effective on the short term. However, long term effectiveness and use is poor. Within SWELL, I am also working on a technology supported system that aims to improve level of physical activity over the day, but I try to tackle the adherence problem by focusing on the feedback to the user. By tailoring the feedback to the individual user based on psychological characteristics of this individual we hypothesize that the intervention will be more effective and users will keep using the system. In short, I try to combine my background in psychology with technological innovations.

Research topics

  • Incorporating aspects of behavioral change theories in telemedicine services
  • Identify personas and develop feedback strategies
  • Lab and field study for evaluation and validation

About Reinoud Achterkamp

Reinoud Achterkamp holds a BSc in psychology and a cum laude MSc degree in neuropsychology. He graduated from the University of Groningen in 2011 on the topic of response inhibition by negative emotions in facial expressions in patients with traumatic brain injury and subarachnoid haemorrhage. He is currently working at Roessingh Research and Development as an external PhD candidate.

More information

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Prof. Dr. ir. Wessel Kraaij

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